Delaware Drops to 40

According to the most CNBC – Delaware ranks 40th best place to do business in the country.  Not exactly a great grade and if my memory serves correctly, this state has been in a downtrend for quite sometime (to use a stock term).  Delaware has been searching for the next Financial Services Act (that Pete DuPont enacted with the help of the legislature back when he was governor) for over 30 years.  Every administration has failed in this regard and the economy, budget, social services and the city of Wilmington have suffered for it.  The good news or silver lining is that Delaware’s vaunted workforce and technology and innovation get ranked in top 20. This could lead to getting out of the bottom 20% of states and a state turnaround.  Dover just needs to either get out the way or give a helping hand.   Here is a link to Delaware’s analysis here  and the full rankings here.

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